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Repeater Summary Details for GB3OY.

GB3OY: 70cm Repeater Buckhurst Hill.
  Keeper/NoV holder: Dave Dawson (G7UZN).
  Band: 70CM (RU76).
  Output frequency: 430.9500MHz.
  RX Frequency: 438.5500MHz.
  Mode: Analogue voice repeater.
  CTCSS: 82.5Hz.
  ETCC Region: South-East.
  Location/Whereabouts: Buckhurst hill.
  Note: Locations may be shown to an approximation in some cases for security reasons.
  Location: NGR: TQ407937.
 Listen to GB3OY.
Please note. There is anything from about 40 seconds to 1½ minute delay from the original broadcast server, If your browser is not supported then you can still listen using this link, Click Here 

RF reports always welcomed.


GB3OY Was originally put on-air to give uhf coverage during the 2012 London Olympic and Para-Olympic games. The temporary NoV was applied for in October 2010 and was issued about a year later. Once on-air local amateurs soon started using it and found it's coverage quite good. Disappointingly hand held coverage wasn't very good on the Olympic Village although mobile coverage was good. Once the Para-Olympics were over the repeater was taken off-air but due to it's good coverage around London, Kent and Essex the local users asked if it could be on-air on a permanent basis. Another application was put to Ofcom and this was agreed and issued June 2013.
Facts: The site is 81 metres above sea level and the aerial is 28 metres above ground level. Originally it was a two aerial working set-up with the colinier aerial on the top of the tower as the receive aerial and the folded dipole some 2.5 metres lower as the transmit aerial. Both the tx and rx paths had an AFL bandpass cavity filter in line. Later in order to give a better tx/rx balance a Db Products circulator was added and the tx and rx fed to the colinier aerial as a single aerial configuration. The feeder consists of Andrews LDF-250 to the base of the tower and then Andrews LDF-550 to the aerials.
Although no visitors to the Olympic Village were heard using GB3OY, an American visitor used a hand held radio at the top of St Pauls Cathedral in Ludgate Hill central London. Use and enjoy.
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